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    Used the long weekend and cooler weather to completely redo my MPCNC.  Tested out the laser (just burned some circles) and it works great!




    Pew Pew Pew!

    That is a cool picture, with the laser coming down into focus.



    So this laser seems pretty good so far.  I just followed the 2.8watt guide minus all the tuning.  This driver came pre-tuned and seems to do what it needs to.  Mapped the fan control to pin 44.  Everything works…

    The heatsinks on the driver get really hot.  I added thermal paste.  These need to be upgraded pretty quick.  I have a bunch of heatsinks for CPUs and chipset coolers I will probably drill and tap for this purpose.  I mounted it in a box with an 80mm fan blowing right on it and they still get really hot.  I also thermal pasted the laser module inside its heatsink.  Dunno if that helps or not but since I had it out…

    I modified the mount for Leo’s system and just used some spare 3D printed bracket I had in a box and glued it to my slab.  Mostly that was from being impatient because I was already in the middle of 3D printing a new one I made:

    Pro tip:  If you print your stuff with a higher infill  >%40 and use a forstner bit to drill the holes it melts the plastic and makes it strong and fills in a nice smooth hole.



    Trying to get this 2.5 w bangood laser to work  with my RAMBO 1.3.  Not sure what PIN to use ? I am assuming that this driver needs  5v for the ttl signal.  I guess I need to use the Adam method and remap the zmin pins




    Did you figure out how to get the laser working on your Rambo? I am interested on taking the plunge with this but I don’t feel confident enough to risk my Rambo board.




    Hi guys,

    I also have the mentioned laser – but not installed it yet.

    Why do we have to go the complicated way of wiring 12v power and 5v TTL and not just powering the laser aut of D9 like in the video linked in that post: ?

    Is it a different way of laser that just runs with the driver board or where ar the differences?

    Would be kind, if anyone knows and answers it.

    Bye from Germany and happy making!




    In my mind (no real evidence to back this up), it’s the difference between turning the volume knob on your stereo vs. just unplugging and plugging in your stereo very fast.

    If they have any kind of input power filtering (which they should), the 12V PWM will not give you a linear response, at best, and if they have a whole lot of filtering, then it will either be on or off, and not dim at all.

    If you only run it at full power, then it probably makes no difference.

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