Are these stepper motors of any use?

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    Kelly D

    Running a 5 hour carve so I’m tidying the shop a bit while I babysit. These steppers were bought for the Oomlut Instructables CNC build that never got finished. Do they have any use in the MPCNC/Lowrider/ZenXY world?A60DA133-C5EB-40AD-A2DB-900F126ED6B6


    Kelly D

    Look at the size of this guy! That was a serious build. Hahahah2F8CB453-6C41-43DE-B253-837B5978D2AD


    Dui, ni shuo de dui

    Well yeah, you could use those on any project involving steppers, but since they are bigger you’d have to redesign all the plastic parts for the MPCNC, the lowrider or the zenXY.

    You could use one of those to build a 4th axis for your MPCNC, maybe?

    Or just keep them and wait until you want to try another project, like creating your own CNC, lasercutter, plasmacutter or whatever idea you might have, that’s always some nice piece of hardware to have.

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    I have a couple of Nema 23s like that, my plan is to use them to CNCify my mini lathe at some point, where I might need the extra oomph. Too much work to use them on one of Ryan’s designs, since so much would have to change. Weight that against the $10-20 each or so good Nema 17s are…

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