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    Trevor Deibel

    I was hoping to get some thoughts on using 1” O.D. Aluminum for the X axis rails.

    I couldn’t find the exact alloy of the aluminum but here’s what I do know about it.

    1” O.D.

    0.875” I.D.

    .0625” wall thickness.

    Anodized Aluminum.

    Polished Finish.


    My initial concern would be in regard to the point loads exerted on the rails. Would aluminum of this thickness be strong enough?


    Secondly, would the wear be a potential issue? I would imagine the anodized coating would help but I’m not sure how much wear to expect.


    Sorry if this seems like a silly question!



    Nope, aluminum is too soft.  Anodizing won’t help, yea aluminum oxide is harder than aluminum, but it’s only a tenth of a millimeter thick.  Even the steel conduit will eventually deform, just not as fast.

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    Trevor Deibel

    That’s about what I figured. Just wanted to make sure. Thank you!!

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    If you did end up wanting to go with aluminium, you would need something like 5-6mm thick walls to compensate for the strength differences, but still think going SS would be preferable.

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