Aluminum Plates for sale

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    Abel Ambar

    2 sets of 1/4” 6061 aluminum plate cut outs





    Abel Ambar

    The Aluminum I got out of a 5’x10’ sheet of amazing 6061 and it was around $120. I got the parts laser cut and filed them out as well. So I can do a set of:

    1. Dewalt 611 plate @ 1/4”                    Qty. 1

    2. Y plate @ 1/4”                                     Qty. 2

    Total: $170

    Compatible for 25.4

    I am located in Los Angeles, Ca. So shipping I’ll ship in state free of charge. Out state let me know where so I may get it see how I can help

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    Austin Mauch

    I live in Hawaii and the high humidity has caused the mdf to swell and distort before I got a chance to use my low rider so I’d like to go to aluminum.

    The picture appears to show two 1/4 pieces sandwiched together for a 1/2” side piece. Is that what your doing? Does that mean your including four 1/4” side pieces.





    Abel Ambar

    Since I got the parts cut from a high grade aluminum, 1/4″ is strong enough. To do wood and foam, but if you want to get better results with cutting and milling metal and reducing vibrations then get 2 sets and combine them.

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