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    Dotty Dot


    Im making the BraunsCNC modified MPCNC that calls for a double belt (15mm width).

    I bought this 15mm width belt with pulleys:

    , but I just realized the pulleys are 6.35mm bore and my motor shaft are 5mm.

    Im using these motors:

    Im assuming is not good idea to use those pulleys, because of the wobbling.

    These 15mm width pulleys are hard to find (at least in the US), the kit I bought is 24 teeth, thats what was available and I didnt know the number of teeth could affect the machine.

    The questions:

    1- No good idea to install these 6.35mm bore pulleys on the 5mm shaft, right?
    2- What are my options regarding pulleys? can I get them with less/more teeth? what should I consider? less is better or more is better?
    3- Can I put a 15mm belt on a 17mm pulley if I find them on that width? (I dont know is the extra width on the pulley will affect the operation)

    Thanks a lot.





    I cant think of a good way to use those pulleys on those motors.  I dont think a printed adapter would work very well.

    More teeth means more speed but proportionally less maximum load before you start to get missed steps. If you are going for a stiffer overall system,  more teeth will work against you, but a small increase, say 16 to 20 would probably not make a difference. Just dont go crazy.

    I can’t see why a narrower belt on a slightly wider pulley would be a problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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