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    Giovanna Laucella

    So I’ve got my first cuts done with fusion 360 thank you everyone for the help. Naturally now I want to cut something using two different end mills. So I have a few questions about tool changes. I know fusion supports them but I would assume at the minimum I would need to Home the z axis. Do I need to also home x and y?

    Can I use this z probe? And do I hook it up to the z end stop? Min or max ?

    I’m using the Archim board from the store. I have dual end stops but never wired or used them. Thank you



    If you leave the motors energized then you won’t need to home X and Y.  The new bit will be concentric with the old bit after your change it.  That probe you linked looks like it would work.  You would hook it to Z min in a normally-open configuration.  You can check with M119, try touching and not touching and confirm it says TRIGGERED only when touching.

    You do not need to use the dual end stops.

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    To see what it looks like I have it laid out here.

    I agree you should start without them though and just swap and probe Z. It is both simple and complicated, in reality it just introduces a point of possible human error.

    That fancy probe will work but for what ever reason I do not trust tall blocks. I use an alligator clip and metal tape.

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    Giovanna Laucella

    Thank you both for the advice.

    I bought the one linked above and got it yesterday. looking at the ends I would have to cut and put on the connector needed to plug in to the archim board. I like ryans idea way better of just using some metal tape if I have to make my own connections already. So returning that and trying the metal tape today.

    So one wire to Endmills and the other to the tape. Now on the archim there is three pins for each endstop does matter which pins I use for both wire.


    Link to board wiki 


    EDIT: I just realized some of this is answered here I just need to know on the archim board out of the three pins which is signal, positive and negative.


    EDIT EDIT: After looking at the Schematic I think I figured it out but would like a thumbs up because I don’t trust my self. Ive added a picture of the Schematic part I referenced and add what I think each pins is.


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    Use pins 1 and 2, don’t touch 3 unless you like smoke.

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    Note that the connectors are reversed on the MAX end stops, so pin 1 is on the other side.

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