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    Hello everyone I am trying to adjust the travel speed of my lowrider 2200×3000.

    Now I have been trying something in the terminal of cncjs and for me it is still complicated. I still have a lot to learn.

    what I don’t understand now, that I have reinstalled my mini rambo firmware but cncjs stick to what I have adjusted in the cncjs terminal.

    For example, if I give the command myself (G1 f4000 Y0) Drive’s the lowrider over the table at a nice speed. I would like him to do this as standard with this speed travel.

    I also try to calibrate the z. but when I enter the new value there, the motor starts to produce a painful noise and does not move. I specify that z + 10mm and he does 2.3mm.

    Someone wants to help me I can’t figure it out myself.





    From my understanding is that if you don’t specify a speed rate that marlin will try to move at the last given speed rate. This goes for all the movement commands G0, G1, G2 or G3. So if you tell marlin to move the z axis without specifying a feed rate, and right after just having moved the x or y at F4000, it would try to move the z at F4000. I’m guessing that’s your z problem.

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    I have installed the firmware again. so that I have a clean start. because I have changed a lot without knowing exactly what I am doing.
    But now there is a difference in the firmware that I have installed and what I see in cncjs.
    (See pictures)



    I found the firmware’s max Z feedrate to be faster than the machine can handle causing skipping when I jogged in cnc.js

    After I reduced Max Z feedrate and acceleration  in the firmware it jogged ok. I think you can also temporarily change max feedrate with M203 Z20 where 20 is whatever you want the max feedrate to be.

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    Maybe someone can explain to me what DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE and DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION is and what it does exactly.
    I can’t find it clear anywhere so I understand.

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