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    Jason Dentler

    Hey folks,

    Any tips for working with acrylic (on my mpcnc or just in general)?

    I’ll need to cut it down to fit in my machine, probably with a circular saw or flush trim bit in the router.

    Then I plan to make a box for electronics, with a rabbit for a shelf and a few holes for fan grills, screw holes, and switches.




    Go fairly fast or you’ll melt the chips to the bit.


    Jan M

    Pretty much that. Fast and shallow cuts and I would try a single flute bit first, if you have one.



    There is definitely a sweet spot for bit speed, somewhere between melting the plastic (too fast) and chipping the plastic (too slow). And of course like everything else, there isn’t a set of fixed numbers. Depends on thickness of plastic, dia of bit, number of flutes, depth of cut, etc, etc, etc.



    Trochoidal paths work best as well.  Full depth of cut.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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