900mm x 900mm, 800w Spindle, Norfolk UK

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    This has been in the works for quiet a while – mainly due to lack of time, and my overbuilt base table which tool a lot longer to build than a wooden one.

    The table frame is built from 50mm x 50mm x 3mm box mild steel that I had lying around bolted together – the frame is incredibly solid & heavy…it is very, very strong – I plan on using it as a base for a much more capable machine in the future. Likewise, the shelf is built from an old unused fence post that was gathering dust, cut down to size & provides plenty of room for all the gubbins underneath.

    The steel was then laboriously stripped back to bear metal (removing the mill scale) – then roughly spray painted.

    After the main assembly was finished & the usual pen drawings…time to work out how to get the 800w water cooled spindle attached plus getting the VCD & water pump sorted…took a little while & a few attempts, but the end result is well worth it.

    ‘Finished’ MPCNC – I had some T-track left over from an old project, some full lengths & some cut to short lengths…I came up with a layout that looks like it’ll work. The benfit of this setup is that my spoil boards are actually 4x 12cm wide 18mm MDF strips, which makes replacing sections incredibly quick and easy. Ramps sits in the right hand box next to the VCD, the box back left holds the water and pump for the spindle.

    The first ‘proper’ cut – the letters were cut individually for my sons room, not perfect but i’m very happy with this as a first attempt…now I have to spend more time learning Estlcam & what the machine is capable of. I’m hoping to get into cutting aluminium at a later stage – but no running before I can comfortably walk here 🙂

    As a note, if anyone is interested in the mounts I used for the drag chain supports – i’ve put it on thingiverse here:
    MPCNC Universal drag chain mount



    I’m hoping to get into cutting aluminium at a later stage – but no running before I can comfortably walk here 🙂

    High five to that!


    Your build looks great, the above statement means you already understand what is involved. Awesome, that will make things easier. Before you do metal, make sure to get some plastic milling in , that is similar in the way that the CAM settings really need to be spot on for it to work well.

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    Kevin Lopez

    That is really nice. Gotta love these clean builds, mine in comparison looks so run down lol



    Looks great.  Well done.



    It looks great, well done! Out of curiosity, did you use the standard tubing? Also, have you noticed any bowing of the tubing?

    I have been looking into spindles, but most are about 12 pounds without water. About how much does your spindle weigh?



    I opted to use 25mm x 2mm mild steel tubing – its cheap compared to stainless & is easy to get hold of…i’ll just need to rub it with wd40/oil/wax every now & then to keep the rust at bay.

    The 800W spindle is pretty heavy – I think it was about 4.5kg (~10lbs), maybe a tad less, without water.

    There’s no visible bowing & the tubing is incredibly stiff. I’m still getting to grips with the machine, but I don’t think i’ll have any issues with the spindle weight or tubing choice.

    I am having issues getting the main middle assembly to stay reliably square – but that isn’t anything to do with the spindle or tubing.

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