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    I noticed as I started printing the parts that mount to the 611 plate that the reason for 3 different parts instead of just 4 copies of one are the notches to clear the 611 due to the 611 being mounted offset.

    Which got me wondering why it’s done that way?  But then I forgot to ask.

    Then last last couple days I’ve been thinking about the 611 plate again.  I’m hoping to put a modified needle cutter on my low rider.  I’m actually thinking about building it on an old door so it’s a little shorter than most in the X but still capable of fitting my 20×30″ foam sheets…in fact I may be able to make it longer in the Y and fit 2 sheets of foam (20×60″) at once which may be kind of fun.

    Anyway…I redesigned the needle cutter so it could mount like a 611 router.  But then I realized that swapping them back and forth could be a pain since the router mounts from underneath.  I was thinking about using T nuts and mounting the router from the top…but the surface on the router doesn’t look well suited for that.

    It would be nice to design the cutter so it just clamps into the 611 base.  But that would require redesigning the cutter yet again around a shorter motor which I’m not a fan of doing. But this afternoon it hit me.  There’s a lot of open space on the plate.  Why not mount the needle cutter in the space where the optional second motor would go:

    I think I like this idea.  Heck I could even mount the laser on there too in line with the 611 in the other axis and be able to use any or all of the 3 tools at once for various types of cutting and marking…neat!

    The needle cutter could even be redesigned to eliminate it’s separate guide insulator and just use the base plate for that.  I can’t quite re-use the holes for the second stepper though…that would put the needle cutter too close and interfere with the X rails.  At least it looks like it will…gotta get some tubing to test that for sure.

    Anyway.  It got me thinking again.  Why is the 611 offset like that?  I assume it must be for a reason.  I mean if untrimmed zip ties drive Ryan crazy he must have offset this for a reason or he’s be wigging out each time he sees one not centered 😀





    Need space for the vac hose.



    Yup the hose, and those stupid little cutouts in the part save about a half in in table width. It doesn’t seem like much and if I was going into mass production I wouldn’t do it that way but we have 3D printers and don’t have to worry about mold costs!


    The needle cutter could even be redesigned to eliminate it’s separate guide insulator and just use the base plate for that.  I can’t quite re-use the holes for the second stepper though…that would put the needle cutter too close and interfere with the X rails.  At least it looks like it will…gotta get some tubing to test that for sure.

    I love this idea. My Y motor is on the back, so I have access to those holes here in the front.

    I can attest, replacing that plate is not something I want to do when switching from one tool to another. It’s a 15 minute job, at least. Which is one reason I like Barry’s plotter attachment to hold a pen inside the router base (((BTW, Barry, I have made one, but I haven’t tested it yet))). Keep in mind too that you can put an “interface” part. Something that can mount to the 611 plate, and provide the holes needed for the needle cutter. Alternatively, you could even make a plate that mounted to the router base, and was easier to attach to the 611 plate (sort of like the universal mount on the MPCNC). Something that attached with thumbscrews to the plate.



    Ah, I didn’t even think of the hose since I still just chase my router manually on the MPCNC since my shopvac hose is too short to bother with attaching and I’m too cheap/lazy to buy a longer one 😀

    I didn’t plan on replacing the 611 plate to change tools…but did plan on re-using the 611 opening for the cutter:

    Basically the grey part is 3d printed, the red part is a wooden insulator (the needle guide gets warm enough to soften PLA so needs to mount to wood instead.)  The wooden insulator fits into the plate and the holes in the grey mount line up with the 611 mounts:

    I haven’t printed the new cutter head yet…but did machine the insulator to test out 🙂

    Only problem is those 4 screws are going to be a pain to get to once the machine is installed due the limited Z height and how they thread in from the bottom.

    And as you can see the motor sticks out enough that it won’t fit inside the 611 base like Barry’s pen mount.  I could redesign it around a 2204 motor instead of a 2212…but I’m not sure that would solve the problem and mounting the flywheel to the motor would be less ideal due to all the 2204 motors I have on hand having threaded prop shafts built right into the bell.  (the 2212 motor I’m using has threaded m2 holes in it’s face which allow me to mount the flywheel very close.)

    I did realize one issue with mounting the 611 and needle cutter in tandem.  The needle cutter has that needle guide that sticks out.  (and even if I removed that the needle itself sticks out and that’s more of a pain to remove.)

    But…maybe some kind of locking shoe for the needle cutter would be a solution.  I need to think about this a bit more.  No big rush…only 4 more parts to print for my low rider (just the big spacers and tension cones pieces for one side) but no budget for rails, motors, belt and the other little things for a few more weeks.

    The guy who inspired me to redesign the needle to fit the 611 hole is close to having his going though so he’ll probably get to test my ideas first 😀








    Yeah, I think removing the router base is about as hard as replacing the whole thing. Maybe a little easier, but not by much. It’s enough to make me groan 🙂

    Any reason you need to have the needle centered? If you move it closer to one side, is there enough room to fit the 2204 motor inside the router base? It might slightly shift the “wasted” space on the table, but I don’t know where you get 4’x8′ foam boards anyway. Of course, it’s easy for me to talk about all the CAD changes since I’m not the one doing the CAD. 🙂



    I thought about that…eyeballing it didn’t quite look like enough room.  But since you mentioned it I just took some measurements…and it looks like the back of the mount to the front of the guide hole is only 50mm so that leaves me 20mm of wiggle room.  So might be doable.

    The one potential issue I see is the flywheel.  But…it might just fit.  I’ll have to play with the cad a bit tonight and see….

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