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    Ok folks. Ive asked my fair share of questions and there will be more yet to come. But I wanted to show a couple things Ive been up to. Heres a few 3D Milling jobs Ive done lately. You can see the “N” and “A” on the plaque are not as deep as the letters. There ver a very slight bow in the board that really showed itself in the letters. This was a Z Axis test anyway.


    Martin DB

    Looks really good. Wich software are you using for desing and for CAM?



    Looks great!!!! How long did each one take once you started the gcode?




    They look great all finished and spiffy!



    I downloaded vectric aspire. That software takes things to a whole new level. Believe it or not the beer 30 took as long as the rings plaque. Roughly 2 hours worth of finishing work with a 1/8 ball nose bit. But each one took 3 bits to complete.

    Now…..If I could get this post processor thing figured out so Im not puckered it will decide to plunge into a nice piece of wood.


    Martin DB

    Thank you very much.


    Todd Hansen


    Where did you find the are work of the two rings?  I have been working on a sign for my sister and have been looking for something like that in three 3D.




    Kenny Eaton

    But each one took 3 bits to complete.

    Three bits as in three different TYPES of bits to achieve that level of finish? Or three bits as in each piece BROKE three bits? Nice job on both. The beer sign’s edges look perfectly colored. Did the mill do that inadvertently or did you treat it, or burn it before coating?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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