$39 850w Ozito Cutting Aluminium like butter with 1/4 inch bit

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    This is one for the Aussie, had my first attempt at Aluminium today. First try was with a 500w Banggood spindle. Worked well using suggested settings but slow and painful.


    Decided to put the bargain basement Ozito with a 1/4inch straight cut Bunnings router bit on it. Holy shit! Works amazingly well! 700mm/min 2.5mm DOC and 2.6mm stepover. Nowhere near the limits yet I reckon. So stoked!


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    Whoa! That is looking pretty dang good. I need to try out a 1/4 bit, I might have one on hand. Cool Thanks for the video!



    I actually messed up the set up as I was rushing and ended up slotting at 1000mm/min at the start. Cruised through that with ease and no missed steps surprisingly though.


    I reckon the key is having a variable speed controller. This budget router has speed control on it and ample power which has made all the difference in my opinion.



    What rpm did you use?



    I don’t have a way to tell directly but the router is listed a between 11,500 – 32,000/min. I would estimate I was set about 19,000 – 21,000. This was done with dirt cheap straight cut wood bits. Have ordered some 1/4inch single flute to try now.


    Erwin Vigilia

    Even if I could get one of our Aussie friends to ship one to the US… I’d need to wire up a 230V outlet just for this router… on the other hand I’ve been wanting an excuse to get a 220V (close enough) MIG upgrade.



    very nice!

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