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I was revisiting the dovetail joint connections yesterday. I was initially using .4mm clearance for the joints which is actually .2mm on each side of the joint. That was too loose, so changed it to .3mm (.15mm on each side) which felt good when using silver PLA+. When I changed to Red PLA+, that seemed a little loose. So now, I added 5 different clearance sizes, .15 (.075mm), .2 (.1mm), .25 (.125mm), .3 (.15mm) & .4mm (.2mm). There are actually 3 different size dovetail joints, so I added the option to use a different clearance on any of them since the end caps might want to be a tighter joint than the other 2. The female dovetail joints on the bracket stay the same. I made an option in the openscad file to test print these, so others can print a smaller print to see which size works best for them. I am going to test print them at .25mm clearance later this morning. If I cannot find anything else that bothers me about this design, I will release it later today or tomorrow on thingiverse. Here is a screen capture of the test prints for all the connections on the bracket.