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I don’t think anyone has mentioned OnShape yet. You’d have to import the STl, and make a sketch on the face you want the dxf from, then find the “use” tool and click all the things you want to show up in the dxf, and then export the sketch as dxf. Not the easiest way, maybe, but it’s free, cross platform, and conceptually, I can’t imagine an automatic way to do it.

That’s what I usually do when I want to edit a stl. I know Fusion and Tinkercad can work with a mesh directly – but I generally prefer having the full geometry recreated natively since it opens up more options for modifications.

Here’s a little video I did showing the basic process in Onshape:

Once you get the hang of it it goes really quickly. I’ve actually redone some very complex designs in an hour or two.