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I do know you can’t print a power steering belt with the stuff.

I’m really impressed with TPU overall. I wouldn’t want it in my engine compartment…but it’s strength really impresses me. I did some single wall box shells out of it and they took more force to pull apart than the ones I did in 910 nylon. But…it also stretches a lot more before it breaks as well and it squishes in compression. So it’s really only good for high strength things that don’t need to be rigid and most of the stuff I need to be strong I also need to be stiff.

I tried printing some prop guards for my little 90mm quad out of it:

But they’re just way too floppy even if I print them solid:

That frame on the right is one I found on thingiverse that’s designed be printed all in TPU with a PLA center to give it stiffness…but even with the plate installed it seemed too floppy and I never installed any guts into it.

Best prop guard’s so far have been PLA in a D profile with no infill to keep them light:

But I haven’t been impressed enough with any to actually devise a mounting method.

Nylon seems most promising but I have a very hard time doing larger prints in Nylon:

Small prints come out great – but anything that takes more than 15-20 minutes to print I start having issues with it underextruding terribly and I can’t figure out why. Increasing tension on my extruder idler seemed to help…but then the problem came back next print. Was worried it may be moisture but followed Taulman’s advice on a dehumidifier and no difference (plus I’ve kept the Nylon vac sealed with desiccant when it’s not in the dehumidifier.) Besides…I live in the desert and 15% ambient humidity is high for us 😛

Really want to like Nylon though…so strong, love how it can be dyed, and I bought an all metal hot end specifically so I could print it. Just wish I could figure out why I have so many issues with it.