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Very interesting. Thanks a lot for your post

Given how perfect the gap was between the center PLA part and the rubberish tire, I was assuming you were printing the two materials at once. Impressive.

Iā€™m pretty sure rounding a bit the edge would not cause you any issue with warping or adhesion, but you know your printer more than I do šŸ™‚

A small chamfer or fillet on the edge like Ryan has on the MPCNC parts would probably be ok. I still need four more wheels so I can test šŸ˜‰

Still just a single material printer here, would love to go multi-material but use my printer too much to experiment on it right now. Once the low rider is done I can rebuild my MPCNC smaller and put an extruder on it so I can use it as a printer and not be as scared to make mods to my existing printer šŸ™‚ I actually have an all new X axis I designed for it that’s been sitting waiting to be installed for 2 months because I don’t want to risk tearing it down that far and finding I need to print “one more piece” šŸ˜€

Anyway, good work.

I wonder how well those wheels could do on a skateboard/roller/scooter and how long they would resist to actual use abrasion. Would love to see, if you have any time or willingness to try it at some point!

Thanks! When I designed them I was thinking there was no way I’d want to try them under a human…but with the 6 perimeter tire and the hub with holes….I’d probably actually try it. But I no longer have any inline skates šŸ™ I have wanted a new pair so we’ll see…maybe I’ll squish them into the budget at some point.

I still wouldn’t recommend them for regular use like that though – I doubt the TPU would hold up for more than a few miles of use on pavement! But it would be kind of fun to try just to try.