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I was a little worried when I was assembling it the moving “X” gantry just sits on the Y rails. Gravity…free labor. It didn’t seem to work well at first. Then I realized the rails were a bit twisted and seem to work fine once untwisted.

The Corexy system seems to be working well, learn more about it every time I use it. It is super crazy to try and figure out the plugging in of the steppers. X and Y, don’t really mean anything. There a a bunch of ways you can plug in two steppers, and each seem to have a different effect on the movement. There must be a easy pattern to figure it out. All I can do for now is guess and check to get both axis moving in the correct direction. Once it is finalized I can easily just provide the right way to do it.

I threw together the base of the table that will get covered with some nicer wood.

I need to add a small part and I might have an easy system for both end stops in the same corner. Total print time looks to be under 9 hours with the same settings speeds I use for all my other prints.