Reply To: Random Pauses during a Job


Vincent Pollaro
Moved the fridge closer to the workbench right? Seems like the best solution, anytime the arduino resets you can grab a beer while you get ready to start again.

I can’t believe you figured that out, that would have drove me nuts .

You are correct on the fridge placement! In reality, it was just random chance that I noticed the connection. I happened to be standing in front of the delta printed hypnotized by the movement and watching it print right when it halted. I also heard, at the exact same time, the click of the compressor kicking on. Thought it was a long shot, but I unplugged it for the day (warm beer – boo) and had no further resets on that machine. Moved things around and the problem was solved. I suppose using a shielded cable may have also solved the issue, but I did not have one handy at the time!