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Think I have all the problems I have seen worked out. I need to clean up the openscad code a little & will see if I can post it to thingiverse today or tomorrow. I do not know when I will have a chance to print these parts, but sounds like others are interesting in beta testing this design. This will work with Rambo Mini or the Arduino Mega.

It could also work with the Rambo if I add a little more depth to the brackets. The Rambo board is about 32mm wider than the Mini. That would change the brackets, end covers & top plate. The face plate & back would be the same. I have the Rambo on my Makerfarm i3v, but probably will use the Rambo Mini on my delta printer.

Since there was some empty space on the one side of face plate, I added an option to add 3 lines of text to that area. The image shows an example text you might put there. I was going to try adding Ryan’s logo on there, but since this is printed on the bottom, looked like it would have too much overhang in the cutout. This spot might also be a good place to put that big Emergency stop button.

I added a back plate to the design now with a couple of holes for the wires & dove tail joints to hold in place. The holes for that I sized to use the electrical endcaps in this thingiverse design:

I could also add dovetail joints to the endcaps, but when I tested that idea a week or so ago, it was kind of difficult to get them off.

I have tested what I can of matching parts, but can not check the graphics display connection since I do not have that part yet. If someone can test print the faceplate, I have attached a zip file that has the openscad file of just the face plate portion along with the STL file for a .6mm height test print of the face plate & the full height version of the faceplate. If it does not quite fit & you are familiar with openscad, you should be able to adjust a variable or two in the openscad file & reprint the test, or if you can tell me how much any of the holes are off, I can generate another stl file.

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