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David Walling

Those old AC’s are little work horses. My poppy (mom’s dad) bought it used at a garage sale and got it running to give to my dad before I was born. He used it for a long time until he bought himself a better one, then it went to my grandfather’s (dad’s dad) house until he passed away. That’s when dad gave it to me… about 8 years ago now.

About 3 years ago I cleaned all the gunk off of it and did a little work on it. It was so built up with grime that my dad didn’t even know it was supposed to be a light grey color. I drained and refilled the oil. The oil was still a good color. I don’t think it had ever been changed. I also added the air cleaner (the foam was starting to dry rot on whatever was on it).

The pump could use a rebuild, and the tank needs to be replaced. The electric motor is doing great.

It’s not very kid friendly… no guard, but the thing bounces around and makes so much noise my kids run from it every time it’s on.

I also need a better regulator and filter, but every time I have a little money I forget I need that.

My poppy, the one that gave me the other tools, has a rather new 25 gallon compressor that I should be getting. It just wouldn’t fit in the truck last time I was down there. Once I get it, this one will be put aside as a backup.