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A 300mm square silicone heating pad that runs off of mains power is about $30 from Hong Kong to the US. These pads would give you all the heat you want very quickly. 3m high temp tape to the back of an aluminum plate would be ideal, i think a steel plate or even a stone floor tile would transfer the heat well enough. At least you get your filament at a great price it’s 3 to 5 times higher in the US.

My build plate is 800x800mm… So I would need about 9 of them, or to find bigger ones (but they are very expensive, since custom made).
Also, they are not flat (the spot where the wires are coming out is much thicker than the rest of the pad), so it would make leveling complicated.
Add a thick aluminum plate to the cost of 9 pads, it may be well over 200 Usd. I don’t really want to spend that kind of money just for a heating bed, that would be almost half the price of my whole machine!
That was the first thing I thought of, I even bought one 30×30 silicon pad a few month ago. In the end I thought it was too much cost and too much trouble to use it.