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David Walling

Yeah. I’m thinking of doing window screening and then putting lattice across the front, back, and sides to dress it up a little.

I don’t want to put anything too obstructive so that any moisture that gets under there can escape.

We’re also still trying to figure out what type of planting to do around it. I want to use the walkway between the shed and back fence line for my ladder and maybe move my firewood there too. If I do that, then we’ll just fill it in with mulch. Then we can put some type of bushy plant between the back of the shed and the other fence line. Maybe a tree at the back right corner to help hide it from the street.

I still have to design/build a ramp for it. It’s almost a 1′ drop to the ground and getting the mower and edger up there is more of a lift than I want to do regularly. That will be this weekend’s chore.