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Hi guys,

I’haven’t done much on the MPCNC on last week, (had to rebuild my electric scooter), but I’ll try to do some more experiments this week.

I removed the router motor and put back the printing head, since I had to print a part for a friend. So I’m back to experimenting 3D print again for a while.

I think I may have found a very nice solution to make a heated bed for 3D printing PLA. Found those electric heated floor tiles. Didn’t know those things existed.
The only issue is that, according to the manufacturer, they can only reach about 50 Degree Celsius. not sure it will be enough, but I’ll try and see. I really hope it works, because this solution gives me the opportunity to have a very hard and perfectly flat surface, ideal for the first layer. Plus it is exactly the same size as my mirror plate.

Link here:

I’m not sure if there is a way to make this thing hotter if 50 degree is not enough, but I’ll see. At least it surely will be better than nothing, I’ve already printed on my glass when it was less than 15 degree C and it was working relatively ok, so I guess it can only be better at 50…
I’m also worrying that it may take hours to reach 50 degree, since it is given at 135 W per square meter, which is very low, but experience will tell…

Hopefully I should be able to try that this week.