Reply To: Bad pocket Cuts?


George Kriete

Oh OK.

I was following the screen shot from the Estlcam Basics.
Rapid Feed XY 2100
Rapid Feed Z 480
Why are these numbers so high? I am trying to understand.

I lowered mine to XY 1500 Which works out to 25mm/sec
I did not lower Z 480 Which works out to 8mm/sec

And I did not realize the bit settings was off. I just followed what pre listed. ( mm/min)
I entered my bits and set in roughly same speeds.

So Do I leave the Rapids Feeds as they are?

I need to set my bits list to mm/sec.

XY 12 mm/sec
Z 3 mm/sec

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it so much.

If there is any one that is in you forum that is in either Northern NJ or NE PA, that you could contact and maybe have them contact me, if they are inclined.