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I should probably start a build thread now that it seems I’m going to tackle this…but I feel like if I do then I’m committed so for now I’ll just post a little update here as the current project is still focused on testing the feasibility of using these wheels.

But I’m building a Y plate to do that. Spacers are printing now. So while I wait for them I’m keeping myself busy by cutting the other Y plate.

Apparently this is not meant to happen. I gave it another go with my second gcode setup using faster feeds and deeper cuts. Seemed to be doing well, was cutting a little deeper than I expected but I attributed that to me starting the z lower – probably a bit lower than I meant to. The top edge wasn’t quite as clean…but was still acceptable and with the cut time almost 50% faster I’m willing to take a minute to clean that up with some sandpaper.

Then it got to the last pocket – and my router cord snagged somehow. I was watching the cut not the cord so I’m not sure exactly where/how it snagged. But it did. So that turned into an ugly failure.

Repositioned my work to find a clean spot and gave it another try – went back to the older slower gcode this time. Again it was cutting a bit deeper than I expected – but again i had used a slightly lower starting z since I still had about a paper thick uncut portion on the first y-plate. Did well until it got about 1/4 of the way around on the final parting cut….and then my router cord got caught between an X roller and one of my center supports 🙁

I caught it before it did any real damage though so I figured I’d just recut that. Generated the cutting path just for that cut and ran it. Well…something must have shifted somewhere. X was in line but Y was about 2mm off. Damn. And then….cord got caught in the exact same place – yeah I forgot to watch for it since I was trying to figure out why my Y was suddenly off.


Maybe I’ll hold off on that second Y side for a little bit, I think someone is trying to tell me to step away for a few hours. Need to pick up a bit more 1/4″ MDF now anyway. At least the small spacers for the first side are almost done printing….