Reply To: Bad pocket Cuts?


George Kriete

I am very thankful for any and all help I am getting from this forum.

I have been working crazy at my job 6 days a week.
On the occasion I get an early day during the week I try to send some time, if only an hour or so.
Then some on Saturday night and some on Sunday.

It never seems I get to spend more than a few hours at a time.
When I do get time I feel like I am not making much progress.
I have a few pieces came out nice. I posted in the section for things made.
some are just off, or I did not clamp down right.

I am going to work on a better clamping system.

I am still hopeful to get the learning curve worked out by winter when we slow down some.
Then I should get more time to play with this awesome machine.

I have many designs planed out and some orders from people not in a rush…lol

Looking forward to responses from my last few posts that show my settings and MPCNC gone wild.