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Well, between other projects and tasks today I managed to get four wheels printed, 1.5 Y plates cut (I’ll explain the .5 in a moment) and enough hardware picked up that I can hopefully test them out once I print a few spacers.

I tried printing a set of hubs with holes – in retrospect I should have made the holes a bit bigger. They did result in a more solid hub – but honestly I think the plain hubs with 3 perimeters and 15% infill are plenty strong for this already.


The plain hubs print in about 25 minutes…the version with the holes takes almost an hour. So I only did one wheel with the holes

The tires I added a bit of an outside fillet to the edge of the curve which made for a rounder profile. Original profile:


Rounder profile:


The rounder profile is a bit nicer looking…but doesn’t print quite as symmetrically, and droop on the downward facing side can cause some print issues (you’ll notice them in a few of the photos). I think they’re still usable for the low rider because the low rider should really only be using the very top/bottom of the tread. And honestly the squarish profile is probably fine for our use already I just wanted to see if I could make them look more like real wheels.

Either way the OD is the same, and printed with 6 perims the center of the tread is basically solid so they should all ride the same.

However spinning the tires they do appear to be slightly less round than I had anticipated…so I’m not sure how well they’d actually work. Maybe the TPU has enough “give” to it that they’d self-correct…I’ll just have to experiment. But overall I suspect these will work but may not be as ideal as real wheels.


I do like the grey/blue though….

I haven’t had a chance to actually try them yet since as I said I need a few spacers…but I did cut my first Y plate:


Really happy with how it came out! I’ve done a ton of foam board on my MPCNC and a good bit with my laser as well as some decals with a drag knife. But I haven’t done a lot of milling. My shop is small so running the shop vac and dewalt requires hearing protection and even then it’s annoyingly loud. Plus dealing with hold downs and the mess I get even with the vac going and wood being more expensive than foam….I keep putting off doing more milling.

So I was quite happy when this came out great first try!

Well, almost. The cut didn’t quite go all the way through on one side….so I redid the gcode so it would take just one deep pass instead of 7 1mm passes and re-ran it. Remarkably I managed to keep my home position consistent (Something I’ve never done successfully before) and it came out pretty much perfect!

Not so happy when I sliced my finger open and got blood on it while cleaning up the holding tabs…but most of my projects aren’t successful without a blood sacrifice anyway so I can accept it.

Then I decided to get brave on the second one and did 3mm deep passes instead of 1mm and increased the feed rate a little bit more. The top edge was a little less clean…but overall it seemed to be doing great. Then it got to the last cut (the one around the perimeter of the piece) and I realized one of my holddown screws was in the way.

The bit hit the head of the screw – and amazingly kept going on it’s proper path. But I didn’t want to risk it hitting again so grabbed my drill and ran another screw into the workpiece to the right of the part and removed the original screw. Should be all set now.

Nope. Just past where it would have hit the screw I removed the new screw suddenly failed and the work shifted. Doh….I knew I should have used more than 2 screws to hold it down….but got lazy because “it’s just MDF”.


On the upside…I learned that I can take a pretty much full depth cut at speed through this MDF….

But also figured that’s a good point to call it a night. I’ll re-cut that plate tomorrow along with the Y plate covers and 611 plate.

Oh…also figured out that my current table is too thick…it might just barely fit…but overall too thick. I kind of wanted to redo it anyway. It’s 3/4″ particle board on 2×4’s – I’d like to redo it so one face can use thinner stock and I can mount some outlets and switches in it….and add sheeting to both the top and bottom to turn it into a proper torsion box. But that will have to wait until it cools down some more. If I have to I’ll trim down my current table for further testing since I can at least do that inside šŸ˜€