Reply To: Canuck MP3DP



No levelling is required even when I have to wrench the print of the PEI? Doesn’t that throw the bed off level? With my PEI sticking so darn hard, I’m concerned of bending or breaking something. This is why I’m levelling between prints. Maybe my head is to close to the bed. On my last print which was a 20mm box I ended up scratching my PEI when my metal spatula slipped while I was trying to get it under the corner of the print. Knocking it on the conrners wont do the trick ether. I’m obviously done something wrong.
As for the play on the right lead screw, it’s stil there and I know my x axis is definitely level. I took multiple measurements from the top of the motor mount to the bottom of the brass lead screw nut and it is spot on.