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Kevin Lopez

SD card sounds like a good idea. 30 minutes is mostly due to the fact that my toolpaths are trochoidal. The advantage to this is that I can do really deep cuts without the chips getting burried in a 3mm wide slot. The disadvantage is that I actually have to remove more material than “necessary” to create the cutout geometry.

I used
7% trochoidal step
70% trochoidal width
3.2mm DOC
900mm/m (This can be faster but I if I go faster, I get weird interruptions, probably the arduino usb bottleneck) Son of a diddly!

Really need an idea for a cheap air blast. I literally wouldn’t care how long the toolpath is as long as I don’t have to watch it with a vacuum. To think most of my previous 3d prints took WAY longer than 30 minutes, this seems fine. I care more about repeatability since I want to do a production run of at least 20 of these. Knowing I can hit the green button then do other things would be awesome.