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David Walling

I still need to keep most of my shop mobile so that I can park the bike in the garage. When I do work, I’ll wheel the bike onto the driveway and then pull the tools I need out from the wall.

The band saw is really heavy and may end up in a fixed location, but most of my other tools will be moveable.

I really want to get the miter saw mounted onto a cart with collapsible wings. Right now it sits on a shelf and I pull it out and use it on the driveway when I need it. It’s not ideal and makes for a sore back at the end of the day.

A lot of my other bench tools aren’t used as often. I want to have a mobile cart that’s big enough I can clamp the other tools to the top as needed.

If I could figure out how to setup the shop and get both the wife’s car and my bike in there without moving anything, then I’m all for it. But I was never that good at Tetris. The biggest thing then is getting full access to the front of the workbench and the storage shelves on the back wall. Right now the table saw and CNC machine sit right smack in front of the shelves and it’s a pain trying to get to anything in the middle part of it.