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I made a bunch of rolling/mobile stuff for my shed (which is smaller than your 1/2 garage) and I just don’t think they are worth it for most things. I ended up using the wrong tool, because it was already in the middle of the shed, rather than reorganize them to get the right tool in a useful place. Maybe something like a lathe would be different, because you don’t usually just casually spend 5 minutes on it, but for most things like bandsaws, sanders, table saw, etc. I want to use them now, or not at all. I am coming around to permanent, visible storage for everything, or almost everything. I think mobile bases are for people with a ton of room, who want to tweak their setups as they go along, not for people who have a small shop with limited space. That’s just my opinion. I’m perfectly capable of accepting that someone else will have their own (I need to remind myself of this sometimes).

Power is an issue with my shed too. I tripped the breaker when I started my table saw with the mammoth dust collector I just installed. So I ran a second extension cord. They are both temporary, they will be temporary for a while…