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I’ll be sure to post what works for me!

And I’ve got a few different sizes. Most of mine swing 5″ props, one of them has 3″ props and it’s faster than it’s big brothers. I mean no doubt in my mind it’s over 80mph. Sometimes with FPV it’s a bit hard to tell how fast you’re going, but this thing is pretty outrageous. My 5″ ones are pretty quick to and I like them better because the extra momentum carries them more and it just feels more natural. Anyway, if you have a CF frame on yours that is even half decent CF quality, it’ll take a good crash or a really unlucky crash to break it. The worst I’ve done so far was a little bit of delamination and a little crack on some 1.5mm thick stuff. I’ve hit poles, trees, grass, had a failsafe ~100ft over cement…