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True, it also depends on what size of frame you cut aswell. I don’t know if you were cutting for something more the size of an aerial photography rig or a racing/mini quad. I’m mostly into the racing quad stuff so iirc I could get ~4 completed sets (give or take one) from 1 piece of 4mm and one piece of 2mm thick 200×300 sheets. Most of the mid end frames use 3k twill, so I picked up that and ended up getting those for $80 a few months back. I justified it because some of the more popular frames cost well over $100 each, usually just including the carbon pieces, standoffs, and hardware. I just wanted my own frame because I’d be the only one with it and I work in a machine shop so I have an idea of how much something like that can end up costing if you don’t send out your files to somebody who’s done quad parts before lol.

But thanks for the reply I’ll be sure to look into a mist setup aswell.

P.S. Thanks for designing this, you did a great job! I would say you have no idea how it felt to see it cutting something or drawing something for the first time, but I know you know exactly how it feels haha.

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