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Kevin Lopez

Okay, got everything mechanical fixed today. Spent hours with the wrenches messing with tension bolt C. Getting the z axis perpendicular was sort of a lost cause, so I just shimmed the hell out of the mount and it seemed to do the trick. Not ideal but as far as I can tell everything works great.

Besides making the bit actually perpendicular, I added another 1’x2′ particle board sheet to my bed, making it around half an inch taller. My z is now as short as it can be, with z pipes flush against the gantry.

All the chatter is gone, now it sounds like cutting butter again, yay!

How do I turn off estlcam tool changes? Everything just pauses forever in the middle of the toolpath. I put 2 different tools in my tool list, but they’re the same “tool” just different settings for different operations. One is the contour passes where I use trochoidal, the other is a pocket setting where I use parallel pocketing.