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If the part is meant to be cut though, you can just “use” the whole thing. I name them something like “top_cut” and I just push them all the way to the bottom so I don’t accidentally depend on them. Maybe next time, you won’t work so hard on the first sketch is there’s an easier way to do it with the 3D stuff.

Yeah, next time I definitely won’t put as much effort into the initial sketches 🙂 I had to edit the projected sketches based off the 3d parts anyway to add the bit that gets score cut to create the paper flap that folds over the edges. I feel silly spending the time to add those to the original sketches now since they weren’t needed for the 3D parts.

Fusion doesn’t work in Linux, OnShape does. So I’m not a fan of fusion. I saw this old Tony doing some CAM in it and it finally seemed to make sense, but I haven’t tried it since then.

I REALLY wish I could get estlcam working in wine…because the computer in my shop is pretty old and runs terribly on windows but pretty well on linux. But I love estlcam so I’m stuck with windows on there for now. I’ve tried to get it going in wine but haven’t had any luck 🙁

What are you using for CAM on Linux? If I could find something as nice as estlcam on linux I’d love to ditch windows on this old machine once and for all….