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Kevin Lopez

I guess the only reason I am so concerned about it is that I know it is the little things that are taking away from really really good results. I have done really aggressive stuff with no issue at all until very specific points. I feel like if I can little by little improve things, that I can get the results I want. Honestly although it seems I am pushing it to the limits, I have done a lot of much lighter/slower cuts with the same fundamental issues.

Upon inspection my z is indeed off, in the Y direction. I am dissassembling right now to tension the bearings. One of them wasen’t gripping the conduit, bad sign.

I am switching to estl cam.. Seems much more efficient for deeper cuts. I really like f360 but it doesn’t have the trochoidal milling I like. Adaptive clear only works for pockets. I am really close to getting a good test part out, I will post pictures when I get there.

I made this specifically for aluminum in mind. I knew going in I would have issues. I don’t want this to become a life story but, I am only in high school. Can’t get a job quite yet so my budget was low. The MPCNC was an attractive option. Even though I sound frustrated, I am having a lot of fun and would much rather mess with CAM then paying the extra 0 to make it more forgiving.