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Thanks, just feels…convoluted and duplicative to use a sketch to create a 3D part…then create another sketch based on that 3D part.

Originally I was just using my original sketches – but then I got into the dependency circle.

Then I tried the drawing function to create drawings of the parts and export those…but the dxf’s generated by exporting drawings were terrible and full of lots of other stuff I don’t need. Not well suited for cut files.

The two sketches method works…but part of me keeps thinking there must be a better way!

I really am having fun with Onshape, I want to like Fusion…but it just doesn’t run as well on any of my computers. And logging into it is kind of annoying due to how my password manager works. since onshape is in-browser it just gets filled in automatically. Fusion I have to start fusion, then go back to my browser to access my password manger – manually figure out which password is the right one ( due to how autodesk’s system has changed over the years I have like 5 or 6 in there but only 1 still works) copy it, then go back to fusion and paste it in.

But Fusion does do CAM so I really want to spend more time with it….if it wasn’t such a pain to login to for me and ran better on my older computers I would probably use it way more than Onshape.

Either way my big bottleneck is just thinking up excuses to design/make something in the first place 🙂 Or rather thinking up things that are simple enough I’ll actually complete them 😀