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Kevin Lopez

My very first 3/8 part test were my exact settings. The dimensions came out good, as expected. Finish was great. I was feeling really good like, hell yeah here we go! šŸ˜€ But this was before I realized I cant just plunge into the material. I did peck it but too deep, 3mm each peck. So hard to watch. I should of stopped it but I didn’t so on the 4th and last hole it just snapped off šŸ™ I need to order more bits I keep ruining them. I. am on my last single flute. 4 dollars adds up fast for me…

I know I have said this 3 times already, but those weird chatter spots are really throwing me off. Like I said on the first test with my what I thought were perfected settings, ended up chattering super bad on 12 ad 6 areas. On my second test I went more conservative on doc thinking it would help and it actually ended up breaking on the finish pass. Confusing