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So as threatened I decided to “improve” this. Added a 3rd row to hold all of my ink samples, made the tabs thinner so they match the size of the foam board better, added flaps on the shelves to hide the cut edges, and added tabs so the whole thing actually holds together quite nicely without any glue at all (though I still glued it.)…oh and I added some no-skid feet made from drops of hot glue. Because I could.

Assembly is a little trickier. But not bad. Saving the bottom for last, and add the sides just before that is the trick.


I was kind of rushed to get this one CAM’d, cut, and assembled in the time I had available over lunch…so my glue work isn’t the prettiest. But you can see how the wrap works to hide the edges. Basically the cut files have a line 8mm from the “pretty” edge which is done as a 2.5mm deep score cut. You then snap the foam on that score and peel it off leaving just the paper. Add a little bit of glue then press the edge against the table to wrap it while squishing the glue out. Leaves a very nice edge and if you’re more careful than I was about how much glue you use even the bottom comes out quite nice.


There are quite a few tabs on slots on the design this time. Even so after assembling I realized I should have added one more inner support under the bottom shelf to give it a bit more strength. Oh well…maybe I’ll do a v3 just for giggles.


Still holds ink just fine! I left the vial holes a little tight…I figure I’d rather they be too tight than too loose and they’ll loosen up over time – foam is very forgiving.


Other than the missing support the only thing I’m not really happy about is I didn’t do anything to hide the cut edges on the sides. Dealing with the curves and both inside and outside being exposed meant that anything I could think of would be a compromise that would still leave something less than super clean. I guess I could have left the mess on the outside then laser cut panels to go over it…hmmm…maybe I should do a v3.

Anyway, DXF’s (individual for each piece as well as an all in one), estlcam project, and gcode files here:

Original Onshape document here:

I did learn a new onshape “trick” with this. Adding all those tabs got tricky – I wound up in a dependency loop where I wanted to go back and modify a previous sketch based on geometry that was created later. But that’s not possible. So instead I ended up doing some additional sketches/extrusions/boolean operations to form the tabs/slots and then went back and created new “template” sketches off of the final parts which I then exported as DXF for my cutting files. Not sure if that was the best way to do it…feels kind of “dirty”…but it worked.