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In setting up my 2.8 watt DTR laser, I followed Leo69’s fantastic instructions… and since I was using “components” purchased separately, that was a necessity (for me) to get a functional system. The 3.5 watt Banggood laser, however, came as a “system” (laser and driver) and required no setup at all… I just plugged it in and it worked.

That said, there are a couple of pots on the Banggood driver that I’m sure are for setting the laser voltage and current… and though I’ve threatened to, I’ve not messed with them at all. They’ve been “pookied” in place (the adjustment screws spotted “at the factory” with a glob of something to keep it from inadvertently moving) so I just assumed (I know, I know…) *someone, somewhere* was probably measuring the voltage and current levels at the time they “pookied” it.

Honestly — had I not already had the 2.8 watt laser to compare it with — I’d have never “suspicioned” that I was getting less than the advertised power from the Banggood laser. So, while not any more powerful AFAICT… I can’t tell that it’s any less powerful either. I figure that just means that the laser is running at more conservative voltage and current levels and should hopefully last longer. And it does pretty much what I need it to… so I can live with that for now. If I ever get to feeling “froggy” and just have to have more power… the pots are still there to start messing with. =8^)

— David

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