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The ramps board can support 5 drivers. You’ll just need something other than Marlin. I wonder if grbl for ramps can do that?

I guess the part I’m missing is what the 4th and 5th axes would look like. I’ve seen the big robot arm stuff, and I’ve seen 4th axis stuff, but most of those are really just replacing the y with a rotational axis.

Then, as Ryan mentioned, what does the 4-5 axis CAM look like… Not sure on that either. I would guess there are some easy things to do, like rotate a 2.5D design around a cone or something. I could also see just doing 2.5D on different sides. But taking an STL and creating 5D cam seems like magic to me.

Would you just mount the workpiece on something that pan and tilts the work?

4th axis could be to have the router rotate on a pivot so it could attack the material with an angle (now we are limited to 90degree plunge only).
5th axis could be to rotate the workpiece itself to get this 4th axis angle available for both X and Y axis planes.
There are many ways to have 5 axis actually.

I think it wouldn’t be very hard to do mechanically speaking. But I have no idea how this could be controlled. There are a few boards who are advertised to manage 5 axis, but I’m not sure what software should be used. Theoretically, the Arduino/Ramps, could do it, but not with Marlin firmware. Maybe the high end 3D CAO softs have some plug in for that, I don’t know.