Reply To: 3D printed circuit boards?



well i liked the concept of both, 2d and 3d, the voxel looks great, every one sounds great,MIT, one clip this woman is playing a 3d printed electric Ukulele. But you look thu that, electrically wise its probably a pick up and a resistor. the guy rubbing thermal paste into printer ink, now thats clever.

I want to try out that acrylic ink, as it will do for circuit boards if i can get it to extrude well enough for finer details for 2D, you can also mix the graphite with elmers glue apparently. might make a good component glue. and i also want to see how it is printing in a 3d object. The voxel ink is more conductive, but im eager to know why all there ink is hidden inside there prints, does it go hard, is it just paste. been out 3 years and theirs no reviews.