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I think I live in the wrong neighborhood. I keep asking for old tools at garage sales. I’ve probably stopped at ten and I haven’t seen anyone even offer one tool.

Those tools are awesome. I bet they will clean up nicely. I have a crappy benchtop bandsaw. I really need to buy a nice one or build one.

I’ve been meaning to make a new shed for the yard stuff. Where it is now is really inconvenient for the 1 thing we do all the time, which is pull out the mower. I would advise thinking about how to get the mower in and out without moving anything else, but still maximizing the storage space. I think I am going to build something about 3′ deep, and 8′ wide, and have a door on one end for the mower to roll into, and I’ll build shelves over the top of the mower to keep stuff off of it. So if you open the 8′ long side, you can get to stuff on top of the mower, but if you open the 3′ side, you will just be able to pull out the mower.