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Hi thanks for the advice back, all of you, and yer that would be great :). Well i also liked the 12v supply as you can go to any tip,dump and rip one out of a old desktop computer,

Im also currently in the process of coming up with a prototype of a solar / mains battery charger, been looking at the stuff i have in a box, so its not going to be pretty. looked online,found a few circuit’s. I have a small 10w solar panel, as i know it can’t run fully off solar. But i like the idea of some free power. Also iv got a cheap laptop charger 18v 3a, this will be the main side. When theirs low voltage on the panel. this is what will charge the battery thu the charge controller,When theirs enough sun on the panel, the relay will trigger, diverting power into the charge controller. The controller has all the built in protection, so it will stop charging when the battery is full. The printers power supply will be connected across the battery.

Fingers crossed it wont blow up.