Reply To: Bad pocket Cuts?


George Kriete

My settings are as I stated. I did not understand.
All the settings are the same as picture except I slowed down from 2100 to 1500.
Thinking that was my problem.

I also tried using a plain piece of pine and am still getting deep cuts when I only set then to 2mm depth in Estlcam.

I have tried different bits and still get the same result.

I was reading in the trouble shooting section and have adjusted the belt tension a few clicks on each.

Then when checking the gantry I found a crack in the top router mount outter bracket.
Tried to still use it and it gouged again and bracket is now completely broken.

Now I need to get a replacement piece as I do not have a 3D printer or access to one.
Can you tell me where I may get replacement pieces.

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

next step I am going to re flash the board. something is not communicating right.