Reply To: Spool Holder




I ended up making this, just drawing it in onshape, and exporting as dxf, then cutting it out. Each cutout took less than 4 minutes! I mean, how cool is that?

Yes, that is my solder sucker, I don’t have the 3/4″ PVC I meant to put in as an axle.

I attached the dxf, but it is meant for my 6mm MDF frame material, and I would make it longer if I did it again, just because if you don’t put a large enough dowel in as the axle, it will rub, because I mad the min distance from the center of the spool, which doesn’t account for the size of the spool hole, if that makes any sense.

How is your spool holder holding up? I need to build something, and that looks like a quick way to get started.