Reply To: Inconsistent Cuts



I will check if the z axe the pineapple is tight.
Are my feedrates to hight?
I have defined in Estlcam Z+ 1mm, F(xy)=15mm/sec and F(z)=3mm/sec.
I am using a drill bit of a 6mm shaft diameter (Makita M3700 accepts only 6mm shaft ) but the cutting diameter is 3mm. So in Estlcam I created in the tool list a tool of 3mm diameter
I do not know if the value F2100 that appears in all of my Gcodes is a high value and how can I change it….
M03 S33000
G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000 Z0.0000 F2100
G00 Z2.0000 F400
;No. 1: Engraving 9
G00 X15.5861 Y41.0284 F2100
G00 Z0.5000 F400

My MPCNC has a cutting area of 40×30 cm.
As router I am using the Makita M3700.
I am using the RC7 marlin firmware
My steppers are 400 steps/rev and the motor drivers are the DRV8825 and I jumpered only the one out of there jumpers on the Ramps in order to have the microsteps as already predefined on the firmware.