Reply To: Hot, hot, hot



Well, the attempt at sticking a cork sheet to the heat bed didn’t turn out quite as envisioned. My contact cement is only rated to 120°C, too low to stay stuck. I found some spray on gasket designed for engines that is rated at 250°C so I gave a coat to the cork and a coat to the bottom of the bed. Slapped them together and clamped overnight. When I pulled the clamps off today it seemed stuck, so I assembled. A couple of minutes into the first print it fell back off. 🙁

I was looking into insulation to put around the boiler in my espresso machine, which is more of a thick blanket that I may be able to fill the full volume between base plate and heat bed. If that works I’ll continue trying to get ABS working, if not I’ll plan on using ABS on the MP3DP XL, which should have more than enough heat.