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I added some photos to the album. I built the first part of the table. The “studs” are 3″ wide, and there are five, so they are about 15″ apart. I added glue, and two screws to each stud end.

I added the 1/8″ hardboard. It was oversized, o added glue, and then used a cheap stapler to put 18 Gage, 1″ Staples to secure the top. The Staples were a mess. The first side, I had the pressure too high, but even the second side would miss Staples, double fire, or the end would go wild and wacky. Everywhere, there was some problem with the surface. I cleaned them up by pulling some out, hammering some back down, and cutting the ones that shot through to the outside with a Dremel cutoff tool. Then I sanded the top down so it would last flat.

I then used a router and a flush trim bit to cut off the excess.

Once I had both sides installed, I’m pretty happy with it. It’s pretty light, and big, and pretty rigid.