Reply To: Hot, hot, hot



OK, here’s what I’ve tried so far… I manually stepped the bed temperature up a degree at a time to see where it maxed out. 105°C seems to be the absolute max, and 100°C is much more doable. I added the higher amperage mosfet board in using the stock supply and tested again. Essentially the same results as before. I next posited the power supply itself might be having issues, I connected a voltage meter in to verify voltage, 12.3V with no load, 12.1V while heating. Next was to try a new supply, I grabbed a server supply I had on the shelf (19A of 12VDC) and jury rigged it to the mosfet board. It reads 12.1V idle and 11.9V under full load. Same results. My next step is to try a different hot bed, I have one of the PCB type and a piece of glass to test with tomorrow… If all else fails I’ll look into an enclosure (maybe if I remixed Jeff’s base to be rectangular I could attach) or maybe giving up on ABS for this printer. The XL has a 600W heater, so might able to handle this better even if the area is nearly triple the stock MP3DP. IIRC the heater on the MP3DP is rated at 11A, or 132W…